Salesforce Platform

Using Salesforce, LegalStratus customers benefit from the technology produced by 2017’s most innovating company of the year. The result is far lower TCO, quicker implementations and the support of a vast ecosystem

Concerned attorneys don’t “know” Salesforce? They don’t need to – really. Every component of LegalStratus is designed for attorneys and their support staff. Users will only know Salesforce is under the hood if you tell them.


Stability and Benefits

System administrators can extend the LegalStratus data model to encapsulate additional requirements enabling the system to change and grow with the organization while keeping everything on the same fully supported, automatically upgrading platform


Salesforce has a past performance uptime of 99.5%, 24/7 365 days per year.  They feature 8 global data centers for backup and disaster recovery.


Updates 3x a year

Salesforce upgrades the Salesforce system three times a year.  The upgrades are roll-out through proven process that does not impacts LegalStratus. Each upgrade typically includes new features. This ensures LegalStratus always has the latest in tech trends available. See Einstein if you are interested in learning how machine learning may enhance LegalStratus.

GovCloud / Fed-ramp certified

Our government clients will have their system deployed in Salesforce's GovCloud which is fully Fed-RAMP certified.  Click the button below to see the certification.

Finally, The End of Software is here.
— Marc Benioff, CEO of