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Complete Control

interact with people outside the legal department, other agencies and the public

The LegalStratus community portal enables agencies to create forms and consume data from any constituent, whether inside or outside the agency. Workflow apprises relevant users of new or changed information and reports and dashboards provide visual cues as to the progress of inquiries, complaints or other new matters. Collaboration tools like Chatter and LiveAgent enable users to communicate with external participants in near real-time. 

The LegalStratus portal can be used a variety of different use cases, examples includes:

  • Collaborate on legal matters with staff from inside or outside your agency. Share matter information, documents, tasks and requests. Messaging tools allows for communications in near real-time with daily and/or weekly digests sent via email. Security enables system administrators to limit the information shared down to the specific fields and records.
  • Legal Requests: enable staff, whether inside the agency or from other agencies to request contracts or other assistance. Avoid multiple phone calls and emails by keeping people apprised of status in realtime on the portal. 
  • Intakes: provide forms, simple or complex, to facilitate the create of complaint or other "intake" records. Once created, workflows can route intakes to appropriate personnel. Facilitate complex intake with "wizards" that can be created, and updated by system administrators.  Keep constituents apprised of current activity directly through the portal. 
  • eDiscovery/Legal Holds. Request documents from staff involved with litigation. Send alerts and reminders with links that direct participants directly to the portal.
  • Legal Research and Collaboration. Share proposed rules and relevant regulatory changes with external users. Facilitate collaboartion with instant messaging tools that include options for daily and weekly digests to keep all stakeholders apprised of status.
  • Vendor Invoice Management. Vendors can upload invoices into the LegalStratus portal. Once accepted, audit rules can verify line items, make adjustments and alert internal reviewers of questionable charges. Approval workflows can route invoices to different users for approval based on almost any data in the system, including matter type, invoice amount and vendor type.