Why LegalStratus?

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We created LegalStratus to provide the legal community with a enterprise case management platform that blends the best practices from our more than 100 years in the legal case management space with the most advanced platform on earth. 

Since the early 1990s, our team has designed, implemented and managed the most well-known legal case management systems in the industry. As companies consolidated, products sunset and teams dismantled we recognized the need for a system that our clients, customers and ultimately friends could rely on for more than just the next market cycle. 

Over 150,000 people attended the Salesforce user conference in 2016. We can count the number of people who know how to develop systems in traditional case management and eBilling systems on two hands. Indulge us: see how many hits you get when you Google "Manage picklists in Salesforce." Then see how many hits you get with the same search for your current case management system. 

With LegalStratus, your department will never be on an unsupported, outdated or discontinued product again.