True collaboration. Work together . . . with your law firms . . . really.

capabilities you should expect. 

Many eBilling systems use a three-way transport mechanism to enable sharing between law firms and corporate legal departments. in LegalStratus, the Law Firm portal is part of YOUR system. Virtually any part of LegalStratus can be exposed to your law firm partners with varying levels of access as needed.



In LegalStratus, law firms can upload invoices and review all aspects of audit checks that run on an invoice - this is functionality we've come to expect from any system. But why stop there? If an audit error shows an incorrect task code for a matter type, or an incorrect rate for a timekeeper, LegalStratus enables authorized users at the law firm to correct errors and resubmit invoices.

Billing questions? Firms can access your most recent billing guidelines and the terms of any AFAs you have with them through the portal.

Questions about Task Codes? All of your take codes and corresponding matter types are one-click away.

Issue with Timekeepers? Law firms can add and edit timekeepers through intuitive forms directly on the portal. Each entry can be routed for approvals inside the corporate legal department based on expected options: players on the matter, members of the legal ops team or anyone else in the organization.

Outstanding Accrual or Budget request? Time for a timekeeper audit?  Automated workflows and alerts inform your law firms of any pending or overdue requests and can (optionally) reject invoices until designated requests are completed. Accrual and Budgets, in case you haven't guessed, can also be added directly into the Law Firm portal. 

Dashboards and Reports. Invoices submitted, invoices paid, costs by timekeeper, you name it -- the get it. The more law firms can see reports on what they are doing for you, the better they can serve you and for eBilling, this means more accurate information for all facets of the system from timekeepers to invoices to budgets and accruals.

Um, why are you taking the time and expense to correct their bills again?


Law Firms can access any facets of the matters they are working on. The access can be limited to any number of screens and fields. Firms can also augment matter information, if permitted, with additional notes or new documents. Once documents, such as that 10-page memo that cost a million dollars, are uploaded to the matter they become fully searchable through LegalStratus and/or can be integrated into the department Document Management System.

Chatter - Instant Messaging for Real Time Collaboration

Chatter is an instant-messaging collaboration tool that enables people to communicate in real time. A law firm might initiate a conversation using Chatter to ask a question about an invoice. The Chatter system routes this question to appropriate personnel within the department who can address the question(s) via the Chatter interface, which is available within and outside of the LegalStratus system, including mobile devices. 


“LegalStratus . . . includes a full set of e-billing features, including LEDES e-billing, budgeting, accruals and AFAs.”
— Industry Analyst