Calendars, Tasks and Events

A Single Spot for Everything that Happens

Dynamic Views for viewing and Editing

Matter Activities in LegalStratus can be entered an viewed from single activity "widget" from any screen. With the LegalStratus Workflow Engine,  significant changes to the Matter, such as Stage and Status, can also be tracked within activities. But that's what should expected from any system.

Recognizing the importance of actitivies within a legal department, LegalStratus enables users to review "timelines" for matters, add and edit events without leaving the Matter screen. Reviewing invoices? Filter the timeline to get a quick look at recent emails or calls. Need to enter an Event --- no need to leave the screen. Just click the "Type" dropdown and watch the event screen appear. When you're finished, go right back to what you were working on without ever leaving the screen. 

timeline screen shot.jpg