Finally, Corporate Legal Joins the Rest of Corporate America 

A Problem for Legal Ops Since WWII

The Problem  

  • Complicated case and matter management software cripple legal departments.
  • Long implementation cycles, painful upgrades and new features that can take years keep legal operations nearly a generation behind technologically.
  • Limited resources who know the proprietary platforms and charges for outside counsel all contribute to an unsustainable, and difficult to justify, total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Most legal software vendors are perennial acquisition targets; placing any investment in traditional systems at substantial risk.


  • By leveraging Salesforce users experience the same user experience embraced by  over 150,00 organizations around the world.
  • Nearly all configuration is completed with "clicks-not-code" and three automatic upgrades per year significantly decreases TCO.
  • A vast network of resources, literally hundreds of thousands, can support and augment LegalStratus. If a person knows Salesforce, they will know how to work with LegalStratus.
  • Interfaces to other systems are widely available and in many cases standardized.

LegalStratus provides corporate legal departments with an option to leverage a true enterprise platform.
With LegalStratus you can:


AI for
Corporate Legal

Using Salesforce "Einstein" artificial intelligence the LegalStratus invoice audit engine can flag line items based on words used in a description. For example, if a description includes "entering time", LegalStratus will flag the item as a potential violation of eBilling guidelines.

This is just one use case for AI in LegalStratus others in development include whether an invoice will be approved, if a matter will go over budget and whether a matter will settle. 

Advanced Analytics

The optional Einstein Analytics reporting module provides legal departments with reporting tools on par with traditional applications like Business Objects and Cognos. But similarities end there. With Einstein Analytics, there are no "universes" to create or stored procedures to write. Most importantly, because it is an integrated system Einstein Analytics enforces all security across the LegalStratus system out-of-the-box. Einstein Analytics can also ingest data from other corporate systems. Please visit the Einstein Analytics page for more information.  

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