Staff Changing in your Legal Department? Who will run your matter management system?


What happens when a system administrator or your head of legal ops leaves? For most legacy case management systems, organizations have one “special” person who knows everything about the system. They are masters of their domain and are an invaluable resource.

But what happens if they find a new job or retire? Is there someone waiting in the wings to take over? How many people on earth actually “know” your system? If not the specifics of your system, even just the software and the tools?

And what’s the incentive for a new hire? What motivates them to learn a highly specialized system like yours? Realistically, what does the job market look like for someone with that skill set?

This is another reason for choosing LegalStratus. Because we run on a platform used by over 150,000 organizations, legal departments are no longer islands. Anyone that knows Salesforce can step in as a system administrator and start on day one. The resource pool available numbers well into the tens of thousands - and can likely come from within your organization.

If legal manages risk, shouldn’t it be risk-adverse with the system that manages its data too?

Welcome to the Evolution of Legal Technology.