Is This Your Department?

"We pay a yearly fee that is a sliding scale based on the total value of outside counsel invoices."
"Our cost for the system is based on the number of active matters in the system."
"Law firms pay a fee to a vendor to send us their invoices. The amounts they pay vary each year."
"The cost of our  e-Billing system is based on the number of law firms who bill us more than a certain amount each year or submit a certain number of invoices to us each year."

Um . . . Seriously? 

Since the dawn of e-Billing vendors have charged for the use of their e-Billing systems via a long strange trip of charges and fees to both corporate legal departments and law firms. 

Not any More

LegalStratus is your system. Law Firms submit invoices into your system and, if given access, can review, adjust and comment on their invoices on their own, or in collaboration with your users. LegalStratus staff are available to on-board and support your law firms all along the way. 

Law firms can also work with matter notes, budgets, timekeepers and accruals. Please see the Law Firm Portal link for more information.

Law Firm Support

The LegalStratus system is built on the most advanced technology available. Unlike legacy systems law firm users find the LegalStratus Law Firm portal simple and easy to use. To this end, there are no additional charges for law firm support. However, based on experience nearly 27x7 global phone and on-line support is available to all LegalStratus users, including law firms. This includes translators as needed.