LegalStratus from Arbola is a dynamic legal matter management system designed for legal departments and government agencies. Built on, LegalStratus combines everything users expect from a Matter Management and Global e-Billing system with the features, security and reliability of the most recognized platform on Earth.

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Legal Technology Catches Up

LegalStratus brings modern technology to attorneys and support staff by blending the benefits of Salesforce with the requirements expected in an enterprise matter management and global e-billing system


A Problem for Legal Ops Since WWII

The Problem                                         The LegalStratus Solution

By leveraging the Salesforce platform, LegalStratus brings the same technology leveraged by over 150,00 organizations around the world to legal departments. Almost all configuration is completed with "clicks-not-code" and three automatic upgrades per year significantly decreases TCO. User adoption skyrockets because the LegalStratus interface is designed, developed and updated by a team of thousands.  Costs, dependency and risk plummet because of the vast network of resources available who can support and augment the system. The paradigm of uploading invoices to third party systems, and the accompanying charges, no longer exists. Interfaces to other systems are widely available and in many cases standardized.

Complicated case and matter management software cripple legal departments. Long implementation cycles, painful upgrades and new features that can take years keep legal operations nearly a generation behind technologically. Limited resources who know the proprietary platforms and charges for outside counsel all contribute to an unsustainable, and difficult to justify, total cost of ownership (TCO). At the same time, since most legal software vendors are perennial acquisition targets any investment in these systems is always at risk


By leveraging the most powerful platform available, LegalStratus offers unique features that increase user adoption, lower the total cost of ownership and significantly reducing the risk associated with legacy case management systems. 

Ask us for a copy of the most recent Hyperion MarketView Report to find out more.

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Unparalled Outlook and Gmail Integration

Perform day-to-day matter management activities within Outlook or Gmail. Add notes, create and edit matters or approve emails by simply replying "Approved".

Emails and attachments can be related to matters, people, organizations or invoices with a mouse click.

Integration maintained by Salesforce as it supports its more than 150,000 customers. Never get left behind when Exchange is upgraded again!


Revolutionary Activity Timeline

View the chronology of a matter alongside matter records. No more clicking on tabs to find key dates. Emails saved to matters appear in-line with other activities. Legal Calendaring generates parent-child events and tasks based on legal-date calculator.


Stunning Reports

A powerful report builder that can group, summarize and present information in multiple charts and formats. Designed for ANY user  with nearly unlimited training resources available on-line. Take a look for yourself: Google "Salesforce Report Builder." You'll see over 300K hits and 75K videos.

Users can subscribe to any report and have them delivered via email daily, weekly or monthly. They can even pick the time of day. 


Everything from your phone

Review, add and edit matters. Add rich text notes with pictures, dictate notes with Siri. Review and approve invoices. Access Reports and Dashboards. Get "push" notifications instead of emails.

Nearly everything available from a browser is available from your phone - with no extra coding and no extra costs.


AI for Legal

Einstein Prediction Builder introduces the next generation in Enterprise Legal Management. Powered by Salesforce's AI engine, Einstein predicts business outcomes based on specified criteria. Sample use cases include whether an invoice will be approved, if a matter will go over budget and whether a matter will settle. 

Use cases are just getting under way but by standing on the shoulders of a $50B organization, LegalStratus is in a market-leading position to bring AI to corporate legal departments and government agencies.


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Multi-row Editing

Users can update multiple rows within a single screen with in-line editing.  View of selected fields can be set up to reduce the volume of information presented to simplify data entry and updates across multiple records.

Graphical, Intuitive Tools

Administrators can leverage the powerful workflow and approval tools in LegalStratus to configure an unlimited number of workflows and approval processes.  Documentation on each process can be generated with a mouse click for internal reviews and approvals.


Users can send instant messages to colleagues inside and optionally outside the organization while reviewing any information in LegalStratus.  Government organizations can collaborate on matters across agencies with personnel in and outside the legal department in real time.

LegalStratus can bring users directly to where their attention is needed.  Information that requires attention such as matters with no activity ormatters with missing data, can be presented to users on their home screen, via push notifications on the LegalStratus mobile app, via email or through the internal instant messaging system.


All Practice Areas - In Nearly Any Language

Designed from the ground-up as a legal case and matter management system, LegalStratus provides users with intuitive access to information from computers and mobile devices. The system provides a unified approach to managing all practice areas from litigation to contracts, IP or internal legal projects and is capable of interacting with internal and external users in over a dozen different languages.

Law Firm Portal

Outside counsel can submit electronic, or enter manual, invoices in the LegalStratus Law Firm Portal and review billing guidelines, AFAs, budgets, accruals and timekeepers while communicating with internal staff via embedded instant messaging. There are no charges associated with invoices, value or quantity. 

Public Portal

The LegalStratus Public Portal can be configured with forms and materials to keep citizens and outside agencies apprised of matters and related information. Entries from the portal can be routed for internal review and approval and optionally converted into new matters.

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Infinite Configurability - Automatic Upgrades - Always Supported

The configurability of LegalStratus enables System administrators to extend the system to cover additional practice areas and workflows long after the implementation while maintaining a fully-supported system that includes three upgrades a year at no additional cost. The Salesforce ecosystem provides administrators with an infinite set of on-line resources from training video to step-by-step tutorials. Any resource familiar with Salesforce can manage, augment and maintain the LegalStratus system.


Document Assembly

LegalStratus offers an optional document generation tool which enables users to generate documents with LegalStratus data into a variety of formats including Word, Excel, eMails and Adobe PDF files. Documents can even be generated on the LegalStratus mobile app.

License Options

Organizations that have can choose to augment licenses with LegalStratus while others can implement LegalStratus as a standalone SaaS solution.